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Scientific Publishing


Trade paperbacks and ebooks published by Triskelion Press are available for sale through commercial retailers.

To order books in bulk, please contact the publisher directly by emailing publishing @

We offer discounts to schools and libraries ordering print editions in larger quantities.


Triskelion Press is happy to work with news organizations and media outlets to publicize content. For more information, please contact media @ Make sure to include the author name in the subject line of your email so that correspondence can be redirected to the appropriate press officer.


To submit a book proposal, please contact the editor directly by emailing editorial @ 

Include the following information in your submission: a CV, a title and 200 word summary of the proposed book, four to six keywords identifying the scientific or philosophical area of interest, and three sample chapters including the first chapter. All work selected for further consideration will be subject to peer review by at least two independent experts working in the relevant field.

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