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Editorial Services


Triskelion Editorial Services provides assistance with the preparation of manuscripts for submission to journals in the biological sciences, social sciences, and medicine. With decades of experience publishing in scientific journals, our team can help you succeed at every stage of the process, from proofreading to winning over reviewers. 

We aim to provide a fair, transparent, and tax-inclusive pricing structure which can be costed into grants as part of the publication process. There is a maximum two-week turnaround for any services after payment has been made. A PhD-trained scientist who is a native English speaker will complete all service requests, with formatting completed in Word or LaTex. Please contact editorial (at) to request services. 


We can ensure that your manuscript is readable before you submit to a scientific journal for peer review. Triskelion Editorial Services offers proofreading in either American English or British English. This service includes correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The cost is $400 for any manuscript under 10,000 words and $100 for each additional 10,000 words. Discount rates are available for PhD theses. 


Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Researchers must focus on a targeted research question and place the findings into a larger context. Triskelion Editorial Services offers assistance in clarifying the important message of your study. This service includes a clear, concise abstract and statement of significance to accompany the paper, as well as a press release for communicating the research findings. The cost of this service is $200.


Responding to peer review

Addressing reviewers' comments can be challenging. This delicate task requires both etiquette and incisive argumentation. Triskelion Editorial Services offers assistance in drafting the response to reviewers. This service maximizes the scientific quality of the paper, carefully addressing the reviewers' concerns while minimizing the need to perform costly additional experiments. The cost of this service is $600.


Writing a fundable grant

For many institutions and funding bodies, only the top 5% of grant applications are funded. Sometimes the odds are even tougher. Triskelion Editorial Services offers assistance in drafting the scientific content of grants. 

Our team has helped to win millions of dollars in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health and international funding bodies. We work with you to hone your ideas into clear goals and methods to achieve them. The cost for this service is $2400. 

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